01. What is the Teacher's awards in Intelligentsia educationla family?

Intelligentsia always believes in the team work and team spirit. It believes that an smart management nevers stands on the muscle-power rather it stands on the mutual association based on the mutual respect, spontaneous participation of the teachers that is founded on the inspiartion, motivation and encouragement. And thats why, Intelligentsia Educational Family including the Intelligentsia School and College awards the teachers working in Intelligentsia School and College in different occassion.

02. What are awards provided to the teachers?

Different awards are prvided to the teachers based on the occassions, their level of achivements, and level of engagements. And even the teachers who participate and/or successfully complete the training also receives the certificates periodically. The types of awards are: a) Certificate of Achievement b) Certificate of Participation c) Certificate of Completion d) Certificate of Excellence f) Certificate of Recognition g) Certificate of Honor I) Prize Certificate


What are awards for the studnets?


01. What are the categories of Prizes for the studnets?


To whom the distinguished awards are provided?


01. What is Women Awards? And to whom the women Awards are awarded?


What are the training certificates awarded to the successful trainees and Trainers?

Certificate Unique Code

01. What is the Unique code of the certificate?

The unique system of the certificte is that it contains the uniquie code which is verifiable online by ownself. It can also be verified via email to the Intelligentsia School and College (office mail: The unique code contains six parts: 1. Name of the Institution:e.g., Intelligentsia 2.Category of the Awards: For e.g., Teachers\ 3. Unique and Uniform code of the Certificate: i.e., 786 (It is used in all certificates) 4.Year of awarding the certificate: for example, 2000 5.Month Serial; two digit: for example, May will be quantified by 05. 6. Date of issuing the certificate; two digit: for example, 5th October by 05. 7. Issue number of certificate in that date.It is a five digit number (e.g., 00001) Link for verification: Click

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