Intelligentsia School and College, English Version is also known as the Intelligentsia English Version School. It is located in the educational hub of Dhaka City Banasree Residentail area.


Intelligentsia is one of the very few English version schools that teaches from Play to Class Ten. Students of Science (class ten) under National Curriculum and Textbook Board can be admitted here.


Admission Open:

Class and their respective minimum age for admission in Intelligentsia English Version are as follows:

















In class Nine (English Version), the students can be get admitted in the science group only. No studnets are admitted in humanities and commerce group. 


In class Ten (English Version), admission is no longer open for new students, but the students from other institutions can be transferred, if necessary following the terms and conditions of the ministry of education. 

Admission System

The students can be admitted in any classes from play to Class Nine if they can fulfill the following terms and conditions, if they: 

i) pass the admission test

ii) fulfill the terms and conditions of the education board;

The whole admission process is as follows: 

The Application Process

Application for in all classes is based on availability of the seats on the respective classes. There are 25 seats in each class. 

Step 1: Collection of Application Form 

The admission package can be obtained from the Aga Khan School, Dhaka Senior building during the month of October/November.

Step 2: Submission of Admission Test 
The completed application form must be returned to the School by the date printed in the Admission Package at which time an admit card is given.

Step 3 Admission Test Date and Time

When submitting the application form applicants will be assigned an interview date and time.

Step 4: Admission Test 

For Classes Play  to Nine, an admission examination, either verbal or written, will be held. Only students who meet the required standard in the written examinations will be interviewed with their parents for final selection.

Step 5: Deposit of Fees and required documents

The finally selected applicant will have to deposit their required fees (Admission Fees, Session Fees, Others Fees) to the accounts department and required docuemnts to the admission office. 

Step 6- ACC Collection 

The guardian/student will have to collect a admission completion certificate (ACC) from the admission office.

Online Admission

To provide the hassle free admission to the guardians and student during this Corona Pandemic, Intelligentsia School and College has adopted a policy for online admission. This onlin admission policy is a complete process, and an applicant can complete it by remianing themselves at home. Even the student/guardian living in abroad can also get this opportunity of admssion. 


Step 1: Submission of information using the prescribed form provided in the website


Alternative Process:

The applicant can also - 

In case of online application, there will be no admission package price. The applicant have to collect all the information form the Website. But, if anyone wants to collect the printed package, then they have to pay only BDT. 300.00 (Three Hundred) for English Version and BDT. 200.00 (Two Hundred) for Bangla Medium. 

Step 2: Process of the Admission Information by the Adsmission Office

The admission officials will process the admisison form/information and will contact the applicant/guardians timely. 

Step 3: Admission Test

The Admission office will take steps to evaluate the students based on the age and classes the applicant applied for. The Admsission office will take necessary steps to arrange the suitable test/exams procedure for the candiate. 

Step 4: Deposit of the fees

The Guardian/Applicant have to deposit the admission related fees to the Bank account (Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd.) or Bkash or Rocket . The amount of all fees (after deducting the waivers or scholarship, if applicable) will be determined by the Admission Officials.

Step 5: Admission Completion Document Deliver

The applicant/guardian will be provided an admission completion document from the admission office mentioning the brief information of the classes. (The ACD Form) (DOC) or (PDF). 

To get the details of the Admission procedure, pls visit our dedicated Admission Portal: 


Tuition Fees

Tuition fees and other expenses in Intelligentsia is very resonable. The fee structures have been finalised on the basis of the socio-economic conditions of the society, specially the Rampura, Banasree and Aftabnagar Ares. To get the details of the admission fees, monthly tuition fees, yearly session fees and others, please visit our Tuition fees Pages:

To get the deatails information of the Tuition fees and other fees structures of ISC, English Version, Bangla Medium and College, please visit our tuition fees portal link provided below: 

Teachers' Directory

English Version

Intelligentsia School and College

Ismail Hosen

Ismail Hosen

Senior Teacher, Islam and Moral Ethics.

Delwar Hossain

Delwar Hossain

Assistant Teacher, Biology

Mirza Begg

Mirza Begg

Senior Teacher, English

Obydur Rahman

Obydur Rahman

Lecturer, Chemistry

Habiba Ferdos

Habiba Ferdos

Assistant Teacher, Elementary Section

Mahbub Alam Khan

Mahbub Alam Khan

Assistant Teacher, English

Safura Mannan

Safura Mannan

Assistant Teacher, Science

Nurjahan Rahman

Nurjahan Rahman

Assistant Teacher, English

Jafar Qureshi

Jafar Qureshi

Principal-in-Charge, EV.

Arifur Rahman

Arifur Rahman

BSc (Hons), Dept of Mathematics Jahangirnagar University. Lecture Mathematics Intelligentsia School and College English Version.

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