Executive Officer (Academic) to be Recruited!!!

Intelliegentsia School and College is looking for a smart, experienced and dedicated academic office Executive as a full time and/or contractual basis (for one year minimum).

Employment Status:

Full time/Contractual basis (have to stay at least one academic year).  

Job Context:

For the proper coordination among the teachers and the principal office, Intelligentsia School and College urgently needs an office executive (Academic) to cordinate and help the honorable Principal office, Intelligentsia School and College.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Have to assist the honorable Principal of Intelligentsia School and College.
Have to collect data and report from the teachers and cords offices.
Have to coordiante among the teachers and the management.
Have to check different documents.
Have to ensure the quality of the classes.
Have to deal with the guardians and students.
Have to observe the classes.
Evaluate the teachers performances.

Special Instructions for Job Seekers:

01. Must Have Bachelor of Education and/or Master of Education.
02. Have to have teaching experience of at least 5 years.
03. Have to have the experiences of working in the relevant post at least one year.
04. Have to have the knowledge of curriculum, syllabus, routine-making, digital content development, ZOOM Cloud platform, and school management related activities.

Salary and Allowances:

1.15,000.00 to 20000.00 BDT. The salary and other allowances can be renegotiated based on the quality and experiences of the candidates.

Application Deadline:

15th September 2020.

Application Procedure: Have to send the detailed C.V. with the Cover letter using our official email mentioned below:

E-mail: office@intelligentsiabd.org

Priority: Both Female and Male can apply. No biasness on the basis of the gender.

If you think yourself qualified, please, rush to face the challenge and prove yourself.

If you have the bdjobs.com id then you can send your cv using bdjobs.com profile.

You can also send your cv using online application system in the website:

To get the details info about Intelligentsia School and College, visit the website www.intelligentsiabd.org

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