Dialogue with Global Pen Friends (DGPF)


It is one of the great initiatives of the Intelligentsia Creative Skills Development Programs (CSDP). CSDP works through various co-curricular activities under various clubs.

Objective of DGPF:

  1. ‌The main objective of Dialogue with Global Pen Friends (DGPF) is to make global connection.

  2. ‌Make Intelligentsia students skilled in global English based communication.

  3. Make the club members confident.

  4. Instill a global dream in the minds of the concerned students.

  5. Help them being prepared for global leadership.

  6. Get them ready for Higher Education in abroad.

Action Plan:

1) Online meeting with global students and exchange views on different issues.

2) Offline or in campus programs with foreign students, teachers and others.

3) Visiting foreign countries

4) Inviting foreign students in our campus.

Who will organize the DGPF?

Members of the Intelligentsia English Language Club (IELC) will organize these programs. The mentors will coordinate among the students and Board of Adviser of CSDP. A panel of directors and senior teachers including Chairman and Vice Chairman will be working as the Board of advisers for CSDP and DGPF.

Who will be the participant?

The selected students of Intelligentsia School and College will take part in these programs. But the students having command over English Communication and/or interests for higher education will get preference for this program.

First Program:

12th December 2020 is the scheduled first date for this great event.

Dialogue with Somnur Rahman Sami

He is an expatriate Bangladeshi living in Canada... Before that he lived in Singapore...

He is studying in Grade 5 now..

He is well experienced in math olympiad...He got acknowledgement certificate in math olympiad.. We will hear much more from him online...

You are welcome in today’s first inception program.

Long live Intelligentsia! Long Live DGPF!!

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