Do you like to think Yourself as the proud contributor of "Intelligentsia Corona Olympiad Series"

FIG: DEMO Certificate for the Mentor Group Team Leader.

Intelligentsia Creative Skills Department (ICSD) is going to arrange an exceptional knowledge competition as a part of fighting against COVID-19 and help the students getting out of corona negative impacts under the title, "Intelligentsia Corona Olympiad Series (ICOS)".

On this occassion, ICSD has been looking for the mentors who will take the responsibilities as a mentor of the concerned ICO. In this ICOS, there are four mega events, for example,

i. Corona Math Olympiad

ii. Corona English Olympiad

iii. Corona General Knowledge (G.K.) Olympiad

iv. Corona Science Olympiad.

Four Mentor Groups:

To organize and finally complete the ICOS, we will have four teams, each for one single Olympiad, thus the total Mentors groups will be, for example,

i. Corona Math Olympiad Mentor group

ii. Corona English Olympiad Mentor group

iii. Corona General Knowledge (G.K.) Olympiad Mentor group

iv. Corona Science Olympiad Mentor group

Team Formation:

Each mentor group will be composed of at least three members and will be headed by the Team leader. The mentor group will as like as follows:

Team leader (One)

Deputy Team leader (One)

Associate Member (at least one)

Responsibilities of the Each Mentor Group:

  1. The mentor group has to formulate the syllabus of the Olympiad series for each segment.

  2. They have to formulate the procedures of conducting the Olympiad.

  3. They have to organize the competition.

  4. They have to brief the participants.

  5. They have to make a complete plan for the Olympiad series and have to implement those.


Each mentor group has to be given training and guidelines on the total ICOS.


i. All the the members of the Mentor group will be awarded "Certificate" mentioning their responsibilities.

ii. Their service will be considered as the "Voluntary Service".

iii. They will be provided logistic supports.

iv. They will be provided transport and other necessary cost.

v. The mentor group members will be provided a souvenir as gift after the completion of the program where the program's name and logo will be printed.

Minimum Requirements for the Mentor Group 'Team leader':

i. They will have to possess their own/personal laptop.

ii. Have to be adept in computer basics, MS word, MS Excel, MS Power point etc.

iii. Have to have their own email and to be practiced in using email.

iv. Have to have their own smart phone.

v. Have to have the minimum requirements of English Speaking, Writing, Reading

and Listening.

For More Details... please wait, and start your preparation today...
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