Take the Challenge, defeat the Negativity of Corona

Intelligentsia School and College has been organizing a CORONA Olympiad Series on the occasion of the COVID-19 cataclysm. Covid-19 pandemic has plagued our society including all the students. Specially, the students have been suffering the more as they are staying at home before the double, in some cases triple, eyes.

"Knowledge is the key to defeat the Corona". And gathering information, analyzing the information, using the insights from those output of analysis is the main way out to get the students out of the CORONA PANDEMIC created catastrophe.

Keeping all these strategies in mind, and as an effort to take the students out of the CORONA NEGATIVE IMPACT, Intelligentsia Creative Skills Department (ICSD), (a co-organization of the  Intelligentsia School and College, Banasree, Rampura, Dhaka-1219) has been organizing an "CORONA OLYMPIAD SERIES" (COS).

Distinctive Features:

  • The unique features of the COS is that all the question be made from the wide ranges of Vocabulary, Terminology and Information out of the CORONA KINGDOM. 

  • Only the students can take part in this Olympiad. 

  • Any student across the globe can participate, specially the expatriate Bangladeshi Children.

  • The competition will be held in English, but there will be the option of Bangla, if needed for the participant. 

Awards and Prizes:

  • Attractive prizes will be there for the winner including the e-book reader and/or Tablets.

  • Certificates of Participation, Certificates of Excellence and Certificate of Distinction will be provided to the students based on there performances. 

Events Brief: 


Organizer: Intelligentsia Creative Skills Department

Patron: Intelligentsia School and College 


  • Intelligentsia Math Olympiad (IMO)

  • Intelligentsia English Olympiad (IEO)

  • Intelligentsia G.K. Olympiad (IGKO)

  • Intelligentsia Science Olympiad  (ISO) 

Details information of the IOS is Cooming Soon... Just wait a few days..

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