Practice Classroom Languages for the Teacher in English (Part-01)

Hello students. How are you all? (1) Hopefully all of you are well (2) by the grace of almighty Allah & I am also well by the grace of almighty Allah.

Now it is your English class (3) and This is Mahbub Khan with you.

Today we will discuss about (4) changing sentences. And from our discussion, we will try to learn how to (5) change Assertive sentence into Interrogative sentence.okay?

Let me know first, how many of you are present here? (6) Please tell your name one by one. (7)

In our previous class , we learned how to change (8) Affirmative sentence into negative sentence . Okay? Can you remember those? (9)

And how far I can remember, (10) I gave you some Homework. Have you completed your Homework (11)? If you completed your HW , please send your picture or send your HW. Let me check your scripts please. (12)

Audio Link: 01 (Download and Listen)

Audio Link: 02 (Listen Directly)

Compilation by:

Mahbub Alam Khan, Assistant Teacher, Dept of English, English Version, Intelligentsia School and College.

Date: 25.10.2020

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